APA Resolution on Ethnic Minority Recruitment and Retention

WHEREAS the general population of the United States is projected to change within the next generation and become a pluralistic society;

WHEREAS there is a current and projected under-representation of ethnic minority students, faculty, practitioners, and researchers in the field of psychology;

WHEREAS the educational pipeline requires recruitment and retention efforts across the spectrum of education from pre-college to entry into the field of psychology;

WHEREAS psychologist in education will need to become increasingly conversant on issues relevant to an increasingly diverse student population and pluralistic society; and

WHEREAS the lack of ethnic minority representation ans focus impacts the relevance of psychology to prepare students to function in a diversified society and to provide appropriate services;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that APA places a high priority on issues related to the education of ethnic minorities. These issues include planning appropriately diverse curricula, promoting psychology as a course of study and career option as well as recruitment, retention, advising, and mentoring of minority students at all levels of education.

(December 1993)