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The following books were added to PsycBOOKS® in February 2015.

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Some Classic Books do not have an ISBN assigned.

ISBN Book Title Author/Editor © Year
1-4338-1805-1 APA Handbook of Clinical Geropsychology, Volume 1: History and Status of the Field and Perspectives on Aging Lichtenberg, Peter A. and Mast, Benjamin T. 2015
1-4338-1806-X APA Handbook of Clinical Geropsychology, Volume 2: Assessment, Treatment, and Issues of Later Life Lichtenberg, Peter A. and Mast, Benjamin T. 2015
1-4338-1936-8 Psychology of Law: Human Behavior, Legal Institutions, and Law, The Sales, Bruce D. and Krauss, Daniel A. 2015
1-4338-1946-5 Transcultural Competence: Navigating Cultural Differences in the Global Community Glover, Jerry and Friedman, Harris L. 2015
1-4338-1952-X Using Feedback in Organizational Consulting Gregory, Jane Brodie and Levy, Paul E. 2015
1-4338-1901-5 Violent Offenders: Appraising and Managing Risk, Third Edition Harris, Grant T., Rice, Marnie E., Quinsey, Vernon L., and Cormier, Catherine A. 2015
  Adolescence: It's psychology and its relations to physiology, anthropology, sociology, sex, crime, religion and education, Vol. II Hall, G. Stanley 1904
  Adolescence: Its psychology and its relations to physiology, anthropology, sociology, sex, crime, religion, and education, Vol. 1 Hall, G. Stanley 1904
  Contents of children's minds on entering school, The Hall, G. Stanley 1893
  Educational psychology Garth, Thomas R. 1937
  Foundations of human nature: The study of the person, The Dorsey, John Morris 1935
  High, wide and deep: Discovering the preschool child Dixon, C. Madeleine 1938
  Individual delinquent: A text-book, or, diagnosis and prognosis for all concerned in understanding offenders, The Healy, William 1915
  Introduction to education, An Reinhardt, Emma; Beu, Frank A. 1935
  Keep your wits Seabury, David 1935
  Major aspects of personality Krout, Maurice H. 1933
  Psycho-therapeutics, or, treatment by hypnotism and suggestion Tuckey, C. Lloyd 1891
  Psychology of exceptional children (3rd ed.), The Garrison, Karl C.; Force Jr., Dewey G. 1959
  Short contact in social case work: A study of treatment in time-limited relationships in social work, Vol. II: Selected short contact case records, The Wilson, Robert S. 1937
  Social mind: Foundations of social philosophy, The Boodin, John Elof 1939
  Syllabus of psychiatry: A guide to general orientation Hinsie, Leland E. 1933
  Synopsis of neuropsychiatry (2nd ed.) Selling, Lowell S. 1947
  Understanding the young child Blatz, William E. 1944