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Men's Health: Masculinity and Other Influences on Male Health Behaviors

Vol. 32, No. 1, January 2013
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About the special issue

This special issue brings together a range of psychological research that demonstrates how masculinities work in different health-related situations, ranging from lifestyle choices to life-threatening diseases. It offers important insights on masculinities and health from methodologically diverse investigations and highlights how masculinities can be deployed to improve the health of men across different contexts.

Articles in this issue

The Psychology of Men's Health: Maximizing Masculine Capital
Pages 1–4
Gough, Brendan

"Man Points": Masculine Capital and Young Men's Health
Pages 5–14
de Visser, Richard O.; McDonnell, Elizabeth J.

Men, Bodily Control, and Health Behaviors: The Importance of Age
Pages 15–23
Calasanti, Toni; Pietilä, Ilkka; Ojala, Hanna; King, Neal

Messages for Men: The Efficacy of EPPM-Based Messages Targeting Men's Physical Activity
Pages 24–32
Hatchell, Alexandra C.; Bassett-Gunter, Rebecca L.; Clarke, Marie; Kimura, Stacey; Latimer-Cheung, Amy E.

The Role of Alcohol in Forging and Maintaining Friendships Amongst Scottish Men in Midlife
Pages 33–41
Emslie, Carol; Hunt, Kate; Lyons, Antonia

Development of Muscularity and Weight Concerns in Heterosexual and Sexual Minority Males
Pages 42–51
Calzo, Jerel P.; Corliss, Heather L.; Blood, Emily A.; Field, Alison E.; Austin, S. Bryn

The Relationship Between Help-Seeking Attitudes and Masculine Norms Among Monozygotic Male Twins Discordant for Sexual Orientation
Pages 52–56
Sánchez, Francisco J.; Bocklandt, Sven; Vilain, Eric

"You've Got to Walk Before You Run": Positive Evaluations of a Walking Program as Part of a Gender-Sensitized, Weight-Management Program Delivered to Men Through Professional Football Clubs
Pages 57–65
Hunt, Kate; McCann, Claire; Gray, Cindy M.; Mutrie, Nanette; Wyke, Sally

Cancer-Related Masculine Threat, Emotional Approach Coping, and Physical Functioning Following Treatment for Prostate Cancer
Pages 66–74
Hoyt, Michael A.; Stanton, Annette L.; Irwin, Michael R.; Thomas, Kamala S.

"The Only Way I Know How to Live Is to Work": A Qualitative Study of Work Following Treatment for Prostate Cancer
Pages 75–82
Grunfeld, Elizabeth A.; Drudge-Coates, Lawrence; Rixon, Lorna; Eaton, Emma; Cooper, Alethea F.

Masculinities and Patient Perspectives of Communication About Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer
Pages 83–90
Mróz, Lawrence W.; Oliffe, John L.; Davison, B. Joyce

A Reconsideration of the Gendered Mechanisms of Support in Online Interactions About Testicular Implants: A Discursive Approach
Pages 91–99
Seymour-Smith, Sarah

"We Have Friends, For Example, and He Will Not Get a Vasectomy": Imagining the Self in Relation to Others When Talking About Sterilization
Pages 100–109
Terry, Gareth; Braun, Virginia

Disability, Sport and Men's Narratives of Health: A Qualitative Study
Pages 110–119
Smith, Brett

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