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Illness/Wellness Management for Individuals With Serious Mental Illnesses

Vol. 36, No. 4, December 2013
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About the special issue

The active involvement of consumers with a serious mental illness as partners in their own treatment and the facilitation of illness self-management strategies are hallmarks of recovery-oriented services. The articles in this special issue are evidence of the explosion in the development, evaluation, adaptation, and implementation of programs aimed at improving the ability of consumers to manage psychiatric, medical, and substance use disorders in collaboration with others.

Articles in this issue

Introduction to the Special Issue on Illness Self-Management
Pages 229–230
Mueser, Kim T.; Cook, Judith A.

Consumer and Provider Responses to a Computerized Version of the Illness Management and Recovery Program
Pages 231–235
Wright-Berryman, Jennifer L.; Salyers, Michelle P.; O'Halloran, James P.; Kemp, Aaron S.; Mueser, Kim T.; Diazoni, Amanda J.

Comparative Impact of Professional Mental Health Background on Ratings of Consumer Outcome and Fidelity in an Illness Management and Recovery Program
Pages 236–242
Garber-Epstein, Paula; Zisman-Ilani, Yaara; Levine, Stephen; Roe, David

A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Adapted Illness Management and Recovery Program for People With Schizophrenia Awaiting Discharge From a Psychiatric Hospital
Pages 243–249
Lin, Esther Ching-Lan; Chan, Chin Hong; Shao, Wen-Chuan; Lin, Mei-Feng; Shiau, Shujen; Mueser, Kim T.; Huang, Shi-Chi; Wang, Hong-Song

Impact of Wellness Recovery Action Planning on Service Utilization and Need in a Randomized Controlled Trial
Pages 250–257
Cook, Judith A.; Jonikas, Jessica A.; Hamilton, Marie M.; Goldrick, Virginia; Steigman, Pamela J.; Grey, Dennis D.; Burke, Larisa; Carter, Tina M.; Razzano, Lisa A.; Copeland, Mary Ellen

Integrating Personal Medicine Into Service Delivery: Empowering People in Recovery
Pages 258–263
MacDonald-Wilson, Kim L.; Deegan, Patricia E.; Hutchison, Shari L.; Parrotta, Nancy; Schuster, James M.

Implementation of Illness Management and Recovery in the Veterans Administration: An On-Line Survey
Pages 264–271
McGuire, Alan B.; White, Dominique A.; White, Laura M.; Salyers, Michelle P.

Illness Self-Management for Individuals in Acute Psychiatric Care Settings in Japan: Cross-Cultural Adaptation of an American Program
Pages 272–277
Saito, Moemi; Edo, Kiyhoto; Yamamoto, Yoshiko; Niwa, Shin-Ichi; Liberman, Robert Paul

Activating Older Adults With Serious Mental Illness for Collaborative Primary Care Visits
Pages 278–288
Bartels, Stephen J.; Aschbrenner, Kelly A.; Rolin, Stephanie A.; Hendrick, Delia Cimpean; Naslund, John A.; Faber, Marjan J.

Development and Usability Testing of FOCUS: A Smartphone System for Self-Management of Schizophrenia
Pages 289–296
Ben-Zeev, Dror; Kaiser, Susan M.; Brenner, Christopher J.; Begale, Mark; Duffecy, Jennifer; Mohr, David C.

Feasibility and Effectiveness of an Automated Telehealth Intervention to Improve Illness Self-Management in People With Serious Psychiatric and Medical Disorders
Pages 297–305
Pratt, Sarah I.; Bartels, Stephen J.; Mueser, Kim T.; Naslund, John A.; Wolfe, Rosemarie; Pixley, Heather S.; Josephson, Louis

The Acceptability and Outcomes of a Peer- and Health-Professional-Led Stanford Self-Management Program for Vietnam Veterans With Alcohol Misuse and Their Partners
Pages 306–313
Beattie, Jill; Battersby, Malcolm W.; Pols, Rene G.

The Importance of Fidelity in Peer-Based Programs: The Case of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan
Pages 314–318
Federici, Matthew R.

Personal Narrative as a Teaching Tool
Pages 319–321
Legere, Lyn; Nemec, Patricia B.; Swarbrick, Margaret

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