Helping to address internship imbalance with grants to support creation of accredited internships

Funding reached $625,000 in 2013 as part of APA’s $3 million internship stimulus package.

APA awarded $625,000 in seed funding this year to 32 internship programs seeking APA accreditation. APA’s Council of Representatives established the grant program, voting to allocate up to $3 million over three years to create more accredited internship positions and to promote quality training for professional practice. A second cycle of funding in December is expected to provide an additional $175,000 in 2014.

The grants are part of a larger, multifaceted effort across the discipline and within APA to address the significant imbalance in supply and demand for accredited internships. Since funding began in December 2012, 64 internship programs have received funding. Among those, the Marin County Health and Human Services and Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center received accreditation and eight other programs have pending accreditation applications.

When the 64 awarded programs attain APA accreditation, more than 270 positions will be added to the pool of accredited psychology internships.