Committee on Animal Research and Ethics (CARE) Video Series

CARE has produced a series of short films on nonhuman animal research in psychology. To order a DVD, contact the Research Ethics Office:

APA Science Directorate 
750 First Street NE 
Washington, DC 20002-4242 
Phone: 202-336-6000 
Email: Research Ethics Office

The Role of Nonhuman Animal Research and Ethics (CARE)

This DVD includes three segments and accompanying teacher study guides in CARE’s video series on the contributions of nonhuman animal research in diverse basic and applied areas of behavioral science.

The Recovery of Function
The Recovery of Function features research on learning within the central nervous system, which enables recovery of motor functions that may have resulted from neural damage caused by head or spinal cord injury, strokes, etc. The film highlights the scientific research of four psychologists, all of whom use laboratory animals to study recovery of function.

The Significance of Touch
The Significance of Touch focuses on the contributions of nonhuman animal research in the scientific study of the role of physical touch and contact on healthy development, and its importance throughout the lifespan. It highlights the work of three psychologists, two of whom conduct research with nonhuman animals to study the importance of touch throughout the lifespan, and a third whose research with humans is informed by findings with laboratory animals.

Psychopharmacology features psychopharmacological research that demonstrates how behavioral experiments using laboratory animals have been and continue to be important to (1) understanding the effects of different classes of psychoactive drugs on mood and behavior, (2) determining the neurobiological and environmental variables that are responsible for particular effects of psychoactive drugs, and (3) developing effective treatments for emotional and behavioral problems, including drug abuse.