APA Science Student Council

On Behalf of Graduate Students in Psychological Science

APA Science Student Council: Advocating for graduate students

APA Science Student Council Mission Statement

The APA Science Student Council (SSC) advocates for the needs of research-oriented graduate students. Specifically, the SSC: 

  • Promotes the visibility of psychology as a core Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) discipline.

  • Advises the Board of Scientific Affairs and the APA Science Directorate on research-oriented student issues. 

  • Administers an award to recognize early research accomplishments of graduate students (e.g., Early Graduate Student Researcher Awards).

  • Develops science-oriented APA convention programming. 

  • Represents and facilitates communication between various subspecialties of psychological science (e.g. Datablitz and other convention sessions). 

  • Disseminates information relevant to research-oriented graduate students (e.g. newsletter articles on such topics as funding opportunities and career information). 

  • Promotes student knowledge of advocacy issues (e.g., newsletter articles, resources online). 

  • Works collaboratively with the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) and the APAGS Science Committee.