Workplace issues

Workplace issues are of great interest to psychologists, since most people spend a third of their adult lives at work. Work defines people in the most basic way, which is one reason retirement is so difficult for many people. For psychologists, other key issues include matching people and jobs, finding ways to reduce workplace stress and studying people's motivation and job satisfaction.

Adapted from the Encyclopedia of Psychology

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APA Offices and Programs

  • Work, Stress and Health Office

    The Work, Stress and Health Office promotes research, training, practice and policy to examine the impact of the changing organization of work on stress, health, safety and productivity in the workplace.

  • The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program

    PHWP educates the employer community about the link between employee health and well-being and organizational performance. It includes APA's Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards and a variety of resources for employers.